Live Events - KEWW Oils

cNFTcon 2022



We had a great time at the show,  met tons of people and sold all 13 paintings that were available and for sale!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Shoutout to "DAPP Central" for catching me at the show during my best pitch: 

Oh yeah... that guy finally got to meet me ;)    ===>

NFT.NYC 2023



I had a great time at the this event, met tons of people across multiple chains and even did

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Shoutout to "CNFTnews" for hosting me live while running around with my laptop!

If you'd like the FULL breakdown of the event as described from a Cardano Natives perspective, check this out!

NFT_DET 2023



It was so cool to have an opportunity to connect with local(ish) people up in Detroit, MI during their first event!
I brought my family up on the second day and we had a blast spending time with all the people and their families too
I have a couple works of art up for display to draw attention to the Cardano scene, and even donated an auction piece, with all proceeds going to the Detroit Public Schools Art Program! 

Looking forward to hanging out there again next year!

Lighthouse Fest



This was my FIRST IRL art show event, met a TON of local families, artists and collectors and had a great time

Even caught the favorable eye of the local newspaper and made the paper!

Looking forward to many more shows to come

NFTxLV 2023



It is literally Saturday morning as I type this preparing for day one... more to come I am sure!!!