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For lack of better words, I am a newly minted sovereign freelance citizen on a journey to understand and utilize blockchain technology, learn cryptocurrency and re-discover my artistic passion.


I am a proud a member of the Cardano Ecosystem at large, and primarily work as a co-founder of Caricatures.Art, a start up NFT based project designed to celebrate inspirational personas in the ecosystem while onboarding artists and other communities into the space. Over the past two years I  have worked on Project Catalyst funded proposals, contribute to multiple NFT projects and am learning the deepest corners of it all through my own NFT Inspired Oil Painting’s, NFT project.


The core tenants driving me forward thus far have been Decentralization, Participation, Education & Inspiration, and I enjoy interacting with everyone along this path.


In October 2022 I attended CNFTcon in Las Vegas, where my art was on display, and all of my physical pieces sold out! This year I am attending NFT.NYC as well as other IRL & Physical meet-ups. 


Feel free to reach out any time... maybe you are looking for someone to commission a painting of your favorite NFT, as opposed to going to the printer, need an interview platform for a project, want more information that you know that I know that you want to know, ya know...???






[This site, like my life, is a work in progress, and I hope you enjoy seeing the growth through this site too!]


<2 minute "Splainer" video